About Fia the 5-Footer

Hello, my dear readers, photo enthusiasts, and awesome friends.

If you are new here, my name is Fia, and yes, I am a 5-footer. And please don’t taunt me with the “Oh, are you really 5-foot?” question, or else I’ll side-sweep your mind with wit.

If you have been loyal with me for the past 6 or so years: thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continuing support and admiration. For both veterans and newcomers: welcome to the5footer.NET.

Why “dot net?” The .com version (created in 2013) has been taken by somebody or something that seemed to buy/took use of my domain like a fake friend backstabbing my heart. That’s fine by me; all the memories collected and stored from the .com site have been transferred to the net site.

Now to the hard interview-like question: how would I describe myself? The lazy side of me would tell you to read the “Who is The 5-Footer?” widget on the main page. The deeper self says, “I am a Californian Asian-American female — with a heaping of introverted, shy, and highly sensitive. I first felt trapped in this certain social behavior — i.e. people-pleasing with a helpful dose of naivety and conflict-avoiding. That’s until the moment I realized I had chosen that attribute in 1st place before truly accepting myself while at the same time adhering to the ‘never-ending learning’ credo.”

Born and raised in San Diego, California, I’ve been through copious duties during my waking days — too much that I’m only stating the important remarks. I graduated at California State University Long Beach with a B.S. in Microbiology. Currently I work in a pharmacy, and I reside in Orange County. Outside of my day job I may be carrying my DSLR camera at the following: at a restaurant, at home, at San Diego, at an event, at the outdoors, at an arbitrary city or country — anywhere¬†whether alone or with my significant other, friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, media influencers, and/or animals that I wish to take home with.

Because of my openness to explore places, foods/drinks, culture, customs, products that bolster — NOT create — personal happiness (such as locally sourced items or makeup to brighten my facade) my 5-Footer persona developed and it has been moving along with my blog posts, albeit the honestly large gaps between the previous entry and the newest entry from my former site.

If you’ve reached this sentence, I sincerely appreciate your time to get to know the basics of me, Fia the 5-Footer. You deserve a shiny 24k gold star — well in your dreams (for now), since I’m no Taylor Swift or Beyonce when she was being conceived.

If you’re particularly a business who would love to work with me by trying and promoting a product, or attending a restaurant/event/retail store, feel free to reach me at my email: fia.the5footer@gmail.com.

Thanks again for reading, and let’s better our constantly revolving world by putting our best foot forward.