Official Blog, Comin’ Right Up!

If you happen to accidentally click some conspicuous link: HELLO there!!!

If you are my [real deal] friend or relative seeing this: thank you for your curiosity and your encouragement in getting me started on my blog, my way–finally?!

Right now I’m still building up with a little bit this and a little bit of that, such as obtaining a custom domain name and fulfilling my organizing proclivity.  For now you can peek, but I’ll let you know in advance the official release date of The 5-Footer.

So either move on to your favorite page, or take a Carpe Diem moment to stare at one of my favorite platters ever eaten, obviously photo-shot by moi.  Hint: it’s in a “cabin” attached to California Adventure.

P.S. You might be wondering where did the “Frenzy” or “Foodie” appellation go?  Answer: I want to incorporate my blog based on both food experiences and important life lessons experienced by me.  Hence, I am staying a somewhat general nickname called “The 5-Footer.”

P.P.S. April 14, 2013: My website domain is official =D! And THANK YOU TO ALL for supporting & liking my blog via this site and the FB page.  Lots of cyber hugsies to you–and a real one when I have a chance to meet you again.


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