Foodie at Campitelli Cookies

These days, we futilely see and hear new research about our favorite sweets being attacked due to ongoing diabetes diagnoses and the apparent link to premature mortality–more than reading about the equally important discussion in these articles.  I’m neither reinforcing nor supporting the whole “Ignorance is bliss,” thought, but especially when it comes to local food businesses specializing in what made them succeed in the first place, the phrase “everything in moderation” will hopefully push out of that former “adage,” and be ingrained permanently to humanity.

That said, as a health-conscious person that advocates self-treating without guilt once in a while, I had to substantiate my occasional cookie crave, which happened to be in east Anaheim.

Attending a dinner event that is honestly and impractically out of my work or hometown, and is prone to heavy commuter traffic, my way of enjoying the most I could is to accomplish at least two tasks:

-Actually check in to the event (assuming there will be no emergencies)
-Head to nearby coffeehouse to research and do work—e.g. my blog—hours before event or some other mission
-Find an impressively looking, affordable place to dine or snack that is practically freeway-exit away
The third outline, e.g. Campitellli Cookies & Sandwiches Too, was surprisingly quite easy to find on the map.  The difficulty, especially when it comes to the unexpected, was dwelling through all these No U-Turn signs at the understandably busy streets of Anaheim Hills—in other words, yes, I missed my mark.  So, to prevent from this turning mistake, you future voyager, it is stuck in a white-colored plaza that is east of a Wells Fargo bank and west of the U.S. Postal Office.
At a longstanding 26 years through this OC business, Campitelli swears by their cookies baking from their own recipe, using high quality ingredients possible to assemble into these favorite, sweet indulgences of mine.  All recurrently concocted classics–for instance the Milk Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, and Peanut Butter–are priced at $1.25 a piece, or go by the 1/2 dozen or whole dozen at $6.25 or $13, respectively.  My eyes sprawled onto a few seasonal or monthly flavors that are measly a minimal 25 cents, such as their Lemon Sugar, or those catered to the dazed eyes of energy-craving children.

Interestingly, I had a hunch that, upon arriving a few hours before their closing time, they would plausibly run out of these day-old or broken cookies, called “The Misfits,” at half price of a fresh half dozen.  Well that knocked out that notion when they just brought out 4 wrapped bags of these so-called oddballs.  As a supporter of positively out-of-the-norm situations, I just had to seize these beauties in the bag, with the remaining destined for 3 other cookie consumers.
 Like an adoptable pet, they want to be taken home, and they’ll surely bring out the smiles.

As for the fresh factor, to break this indecision of mine, whether to go by popular pick or what I crave for the most, one of the lovely cookie staffers contently aided me with my question on the “Top 3 [flavors].”  As a result, my mouth pecked for this simplistically aesthetic comfort treat.
Double Chip Cookie (White Chocolate & Semi-Sweet)
If (like me) you yearn to all of the following criteria for a tasty, puerile-feeling fresh cookie, then Campitelli’s Cookies are definitely for you:

-Obvious, dark, brown sugar fragrance
-Steady on the outside, but gooey and soft on the inside
-Effortless to bite, as well as effortless to tear the edible disc into a nibble-size wonderment
-Decadent, smooth, and invigorously luscious flavor from the likewise gooey chips
-Other impressively yummy “toppings,” i.e. toasty Macadamia nuts, scrumptious raisins and walnuts

-Easily tempting to munch just one—ahh, I couldn’t help it but remove a little bit of one Misfit [Macadamia White] cookie soon after!

The only not-so-explicit but totally tolerable nips I found about these “Misfits,” were their temperature being cooler than the Day Ones, as well as the ripping standard being stubborn.  Still, I found them to be just as tasty that guilt should not overwhelm the gift-giver to a very good, understanding easygoing friend or relative.
So please have no fear on those Misfits.  Whether this or straight out of the cooling rack, just tread cautiously on how many to eat per opportunistic day.  Remember: they have sandwiches, too!

Grade: A

Campitelli Cookies & Sandwiches Too
5557 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd, Ste 102
Anaheim, CA 92807
(714) 974-2884


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