Foodie at Confetti Italian Ice & Custard

Endlessly searching for another cool, frozen treat to mark off your To Eat All Desserts List?  If it weren’t for my friends (via Yelp and Instagram), who proudly possess a more obvious, borderline sickly sweet tooth than the person who is obnoxiously cautious on consuming simple carbs wisely, I frankly wouldn’t have noticed this newcomer partying up at Costa Mesa.

Confetti isn’t exactly kept hidden in a plaza box; its brightly pastel pink hue to enhance the name is a dead giveaway, once you have easily looked for parking.  Upon entering I felt like the similarly toned, soft baby blue stripes on their walls; among the clean, white, vintage-esque seatings; and the dichotomous, checkered floors were reminiscent of what a class ice cream parlor would be discovered on Main Street, what-ever-city-you-are-imagining.

As part of the name reveals, Confetti celebrates with vast, appropriately colorful and vivacious-appearing flavors from their Italian ices, depending upon their availability on their given day, to likely augment with their soft serve frozen custard, along with other sensuous-sounding toppings.

Ranging from $3.25 to $5.50 per serving, depending on size, a desired treat can be ordered as Ice only, Custard [only], or the personally more enjoyable Parfait.  If the latter is the highlight of the mini-bash, over 30 possible Confetti Combos were presented–and I’m pretty certain you can customize your way for your un-birthday.

For this particular day, which happened to point somewhere more or less at 80 degrees Fahrenheit scale, my friend and I called our combo of our choosing, for her (pun intended) sticking to The Big Stick, while the gut (i.e. instincts) had uttered me to crave for the Caramel Apple.

The whopping Big Stick, size small: Cherry & Pineapple Ice with Frozen Vanilla Custard
I took a few samples from my friend’s stick, and dearly did that certainly hit the sweet spot.  If you feel completely nostalgic, like how my friend felt, this combo could be the winning gift.
Caramel Apple, size small: sour apple ice with frozen vanilla custard & luscious caramel dressing
Yet, the more I followed those instincts, the more trusting I have become, hence my immediate devotion to this simplistic marvel.  The flavor of the electric green sour apple was quite invigorating and simply intact: not too sour and thankfully not too sweet.  The same went for the caramel syrup by not going overboard with both quantity and either dichotomous intensity of flavor.  Let me also assure you that I make a fussy criteria on sugar level, and this falls on number 6 on the 0-10 scale (ten for having prodigious amounts of corn syrup).
As far as textures went, the frozen water itself was a little chunkier than typical Italian ice–but definitely different than a quintessential, American shaved ice.  Throughout a colder than room temperature seating in their establishment, though, it didn’t melt that easily.  Speaking of melt, the frozen custard was subtly softer but still attained a thick consistency.  As a result, unless you don’t mind wasting away that $4 “scoop,” I would not literally turn it upside down like how Wendy’s or Dairy Queen have demonstrated their signature frozen treats.
What you see in that anti-sick glass is an illusion!  I’m not talking about the ices.
Still wondering and dazzled about the other 30+ varieties?  One of the friendly staffers can no-question assist you with free nibbles of their colorful ices, but I am warning the readers out there that their hued textures may not be exactly fitting to what you’d encounter directly from the boot-shaped, European country.  Regardless, I think I’d like to party my palette some more by hitting either the Taro Ice or Tiramisu Confetti Combo.  Visit there as frequently as an Annual Passholder at D-Land, and you’ll get a free delight after 10 cups by grabbing their onyx-colored Confetti card.
Plus, there’s another reason to celebrate: they can cater to a well-deserved festivity.
Overall Grade: A-

Confetti Italian Ice & Custard
1175 Baker St.
Ste E-22
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 545-1175

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