Pizza and Beyond at Mountain Mike’s Pizza

My appetite towered over Mountain Mike’s Pizza during Memorial Day Weekend at Lake Forest, CA, which is Irvine’s next door neighbor.

My boyfriend and his brother tagged along with me, unknowingly what we would be facing: a buffet full of salad, carbs, protein, and fat — or a mountainous array of items. It turned out that we appreciatively received the latter with a lovely side of salad (in unlimited portions) from the self-serve salad bar.

While waiting for the main course to be baked, we noshed on our customized veggies from the salad bar and imbibed on our drinks from a likewise self-serve soda station. The 1st indulgence to arrive was the warm Garlic Cheese Sticks topped with zingy jalapeno. That entire, irresistibly scrumptious plate of it would have been a sole meal had I not encountered the pizza or the upcoming poultry.

Our main source of meat came from these sinful yet juicy and equally tasty Hot Wings that are more enormously sized than a typical platter. But suddenly, the Snowy Alps pizza took its full course into our hungry sights and eager bellies.

At 14 inches this pie was already a hunk, piled magnanimously with garlic white sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, diced tomatoes, and scallions. Our tummies were able to hang into at least 1 delicious, lofty slice, noting the adamant creaminess from both the cheese and the garlic white sauce. If this portion seems too entry-level for a voracious family, the whopping 20″ Mountain size may easily cling well.

Of course the dessert interval had to come by. The Dessert Pizza was terrifically soft with a just a fabulous, fragrant touch of cinnamon. I honestly salivated just by typing about this fascinating spice.

Although we conquered half of the bountiful lunch, the remaining became effortlessly devoured as leftovers, which then brings onto the next climb: burning these high calories. But observing the wowed look on the brothers’ eyes while lunching together (which has recently occurred more often than before) was worthwhile of the weekend indulgence.

***Monumental thank you to Powerhouse Communications and Raj from Mountain Mike’s in Lake Forest for the abundant lunch feat***

Mountain Mike’s Pizza

22942 Ridge Rte Dr #100

Lake Forest, CA 92630

(949) 586-4141

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