Foodie at the OC Fair 2015

This year’s OC Fair released some heat with the newly cool attractions such as the ice sculptures and an ice skating rink.  But of course it hasn’t swayed off the traditional carnival rides, games, exhibits of livestock and a plethora of contests, and–most importantly to me–a thematic slew of incredibly indulgent, health-unfriendly eats.

I wanted to make my calorie intake count, so amidst the thousands of steps my friends and I endured on a sweltering, parched Saturday morning I’ve gorged happily on these 3 deep-fried crazies.

Mildest Deep Fritter: Blooming Onion at Fresh Frys

Pricking these soft yet savory “petals” off to dip into the ranch dressing liberally, they left off lots of grease marks on my fingers and GI tract, putting myself into a nostalgic appreciation to youthful metabolism when I would eat this guilt free at some Australian corporate restaurant.

Most Creative Spin Just Not That Bizarre Fried Dish: Mexican Funnel Cake at Apple Fries

My favorite deep fried sweet treat weaved into a renowned carnival crave?  How can this not be droolworthy?!  I especially relished the crunchy ridges with such a lightly dense texture that I preferred this hybrid over the traditional edible nest.  There was enough sweetness thanks to my friend who drizzled some bottled raspberry sauce onto this.  If you need more, though there’s always the strawberries and whipped cream option!

Weirdest Yet Tastiest: Starbucks Deep Fried Coffee at Chicken Charlie’s

I didn’t think this would be flavorsome, but I wholly underestimated Charlie’s newest creation.  Coming in 3 sugar-coated balls per order (and no puns intended), this avant-garde delectable sent my tongue dancing in joy.  I may not received the caffeinated high from its mush of coffee grounds and chocolate, but it’s certainly not gimmicky like the chocolate-covered bacon at some vendor near the main Ferris wheel.

With all said about my short, deep fried endeavor, enjoy the last week of the 125th OC Fair!!  And if you can’t attend, there’s the LA Fair arriving next month!


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