Foodie at 626 Night Market

The last 626 Night Market of 2015 is coming up on Labor Day Weekend, September 4-6.  From over 100 food vendors zealously participating in this seasonal feat, I wholly understand if you especially have trouble with choosing which of the vendors are you most interested in munching.  On top of that you may highly be likely inching yourself through the socially congested atmosphere.

Thus, I can very gladly suggest to you my 5 most favorite foodstuffs from their respective vendors. (I am heavily emphasizing “suggest” so that waiting too long for, say, the coveted Ramen Burger may either elicit hesitation, jadedness, or a little strategy in obtaining different foods from different vendors efficiently.)

1. Lamb Skewers from Beijing Tasty House

If you are wondering about their gamey level, it is slightly intense.  So I think they balanced this trait off with an adequate amount of seasoning like cumin and spicy flaky peppers.  Nonetheless they’re consistently juicy.

2. Pho Waffle from Nam Gourmet

As the most underrated vendor I’ve ever visited from my 626 Night Market trips, based on their lack-of-people lines, I am making my “suggestion” an exception, and therefore I am asking you to trust me on this succulent creation.  It’s simply a delicious pho wrapped in a soft, flavorful waffle, period.

3. Fruity Pebbles Churro from Ridges Churro Bar

Known also for serving soft-serve ice cream being dunked from their indulgently tasty fried sugar-coated sticks, I caught myself red-handed from ordering this particular sweet sensation every, single trip of this summer.  I frankly didn’t need to include their frozen delight since it’s yummy on its own merit.

4a. Sea Urchin Ceviche from Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company

I unfortunately need to cross them off this list mainly because this vendor is not attending the September Night Market.  *UPDATE 9/5: It turned out that they have returned for Saturday, fantastically with a line eager for this spiky deliciousness. (Now I wonder if they’ll be there Sunday…)*  From that observation I remembered relishing the sweet taste of their uni–more particularly, the workers who washed the uni with bottled spring water eliminated some of that unpleasant, overly oceanic aftertaste.

But I still can’t leave behind…

4b. Bacon-Wrapped Cheesy Jalapenos from Pork Dork

I was beyond elated that this vendor is finally returning to the crowded scene after trying them out during the OC Night Market in June.  Warm, tender, soft, gooey, bacon-y, savory, a little peppery, and incredibly delicious per one slightly spicy package, I would predict that the addiction factor would play something like, “It’s so good, but I don’t wanna wait in line–again!”

5. Kelp and Rayu Musubi from Mama Musubi

That would be found at the bottom right corner of the photo.  Of these 8 flavors I was enamored with the vegetarian piece the most, as I personally never had this slightly saucy sea plant tasted so strikingly that I am quite skeptical this is legitimate kelp.  So to the veggie lovers: I got you covered for this market. *UPDATE 9/3: This vendor won’t be in the LBD event, either!  Thank you, 626 Night Market, for informing me!*

So, what’s the new, guaranteed No. 5?

Indonesian Chicken Satay from Simpang Asia

You too would expect tenderness and downright deliciousness directly from this poultry street food.  How about a sweet coating of a candidly nutty sensation?  That’s all it took without trying so hard to fit in especially with some notable, gimmicky food items found in this 3-day feat. (I’m looking at you, Ramen Burger…)

And if you love to know my Honorable Mentions, I can tell you 5:

-Mochi Puffy Egg Waffle from Waffle Land
-Green Thai Tea from Ruby’s Kitchen
-Assorted Macarons from PM Macarons
-Cajun Grilled Shrimp from Cajun Shrimp Shack
-Milk Tea from Lee’s Taiwanese (Super seriously.)

I hope you can make the most fun out of this eternally crowded, biggest night market in So Cal.  Savor superiorly!

626 Night Market
Santa Anita Park
285 West Huntington Dr
Arcadia, CA 91007


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