Foodie at Great Maple (SD)

A beautiful, cozy Sunday in my hometown, San Diego, called for a breakfast double date with my boyfriend, best friend, and her fiance at the east side of Hillcrest, known for its colorful lifestyle and comforting food.

To inject some buzz to my weary brain and soul, complementing with a generous dose of black coffee we started off with their acclaimed Maple Bacon Donuts.

Arriving in such sensual fashion this fritter came magnanimously coated with velvety, gooey, and flavorful maple glaze plus the graciously tasty chopped bacon. Bite that together with the soft, sugar-glazed indulgence and that sweet, delicious symphony got my tongue raising the roof–of my mouth.

However, the donuts alone weren’t enough to stop suckering into this maple sweetened madness.  My best friend and I conquered through their numerous Silver Dollar (sized) Pancakes.  She was in the mood for the sultry Honey Buckwheat & Blackberry, while whetted my desire for the Fresh Blueberry–both containing their pertinent berries inside of these slivers.

Sugar sounding too excessive?  Easy: feast those hungry eyes over into the savory stage, where these respective dishes centered radiantly onto our ravenous palates.

The House-Smoked Grass-Fed Beef Brisket Hash tasted more simplistically divine than its namesake.  The physical, visual hindrance of the new potatoes, consistently tender and flavorsome meat–and more pieces of bacon–was the result of the luscious poached eggs smothered in red pepper drizzle.

Alternatively, if the word “Popover” sparked such attention, there is the same beef brisket with an addition of these eggy rolls.  Our particular plate had one puffy piece intentionally shown in the nude–i.e. no poached egg sitting atop.

In spite of these aesthetically delicious, homey items, reservations are absolutely recommended, as more and more guests have arrived.  Lesser parking slots became available over the course of 2 hours, so plan accordingly to not tune out on another brunch beat in this Finest City.

Grade: B+

Great Maple
1451 Washington St
San Diego, CA 92103
(619) 255-2282

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