Foodie at Reunion Kitchen

Sunday was a late morning to reunite with a couple who I haven’t seen for almost 3 years. Together with a super good friend, her fiance, and my significant other, we triple-dated for brunch at the Reunion Kitchen + Drink, nestled in Anaheim Hills near the 91 freeway.

In spite of the 11:15am reservation and my perusal of the online menu 2 days before the rendezvous (and being notified impromptu for my boyfriend’s cousin-in-law’s birthday dinner at a Korean BBQ joint), I already settled with one lunch/dinner dish that my server confidently assured me “that’s a good choice.”

But first, we cheered with some alcoholic beverages on-hand.

I chose the classic, lightly gingery Moscow Mule over the more popular yet personally too sweet Caribbean Mule. Just a few sips of my “mellow,” vodka-based drink brought a big buzz to my already overly active mind–so imagine a swig of that.

My friend, aka the person who organized our reunion, opted for a Bloody Mary with a Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno and Slim Jim as a “garnish.” The consistency of the drink was quite diluted but contained a delicate amount of horseradish.

While sipping our drinks we dove into a couple of their appetizers.

Our Brussels Sprouts, cooked with cider vinegar, bacon, maple syrup, and shallots, were the rhythm of the day when all these tastily diverse ingredients contributed to teamwork equally. Also participating were the slightly crispy, caramelized outer texture towards the softer interior.

In addition to this dominantly veggie-filled skillet, I sinfully bit into these decadent, devilish Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos.

Hoping that the silky raspberry jam or cream cheese would slake my burning mouth, these savory peppers still lingered, even when deluged with that sweet sauce.

Then came the main courses, including the one I honed in 2 days ago…

My Pan-Roasted Salmon consisted of unexpectedly fluffy brown rice, roasted zucchini and Italian squash, lemon (juice), fried scallions, capers, and the astoundingly delectable whole grain mustard cream. This cream enlivened the tender fish even more that if social etiquette deemed it acceptable, I would seriously like the plate clean–but leave remnants of the excessive rice and veggies.

I then got chance to chomp a bit of my boyfriend’s tasty Hickory [Bacon] Burger with a marvelously toasted English muffin.  The Cajun Tater Tots were downright addicting with a peerless, fine amount of cajun seasoning.

At least one dessert was expected to show up at the table. Even better was that it’s the ringleader’s [early] birthday, so the waiter brought her the Warm Butter Cake with vanilla ice cream–candlelit. Whether it’s for a celebration or a just-because, this cake was fluffy and amazingly delicious without going overboard with its buttery aroma and texture.

Finally, here are the remaining photos that I may not have even one bite of each, but they still looked delicious.

Obviously this platter was that drool-inducing Golden French Toast.

That one was the Classic Cheeseburger that can include a fried egg to invigorate that breakfast/brunch moment.

Here is the salivating Prime Rib Dip.

And this one is an interestingly yummy-looking Meatloaf Sandwich with bacon somehow attempting to escape.

The restaurant of Anaheim Hills was worth the drive from the busy 91 freeway. Regardless of distance, though, our 4+ hour reunion was eternally memorable.

Grade: B

Reunion Kitchen + Drink
5775 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd
Anaheim, CA 92807
(714) 283-1062

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